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The Beira Corridor

On February 28, 2018 SPEED+ presented the findings of the Draft Report commissioned by SPEED+ on the Nacala Port and Corridor Assessment to the Minister of Transport and Communications (MTC), H.E. Carlos Mesquita. The goal of the meeting was to validate and prioritize recommendations to continue improvements along the corridor. Following the presentation, the Minister recommended that SPEED+ conduct a comparable assessment for the Beira Corridor in order to provide a more balanced and comprehensive analysis. This more in-depth comparison between the two corridors would lead to a more balanced view of the way forward to improve time and costs for exports, imports and transit cargo. 

Purpose of Study

The purpose of the study is to pinpoint physical and procedural bottlenecks on the main Beira corridor and its sub-corridors, to establish the causes of those bottlenecks and estimate their impact on logistics time, cost, and reliability.

To be able to assess the competitive position of the Beira Corridor against competitor corridors a regional benchmarking exercise will be undertaken to define where the corridor system is under-performing, which will be instrumental is signposting where interventions need to be elaborated.

Following an overview of the corridor’s economic footprint and a description of the corridor’s infrastructure backbone, a detailed corridor time and cost performance assessment will be conducted. From these recommendations for reforms designed to enhance the competitiveness of the corridor’s road, rail and port system will be framed as ‘action plans’ that focus on reducing the transit time, lowering the cost and increasing the reliability of the corridor’s logistics supply-chain.