Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Basic Seed

USAID SPEED Project works with the Agriculture Research Institute (IIAM) and its Basic Seed Unit (USEBA) to explore the potential transformation of USEBA into a private sector, commercially-oriented institution. As the private sector seed industry scales up, the lack of certified basic seed is one of the most critical bottlenecks, and the introduction of market-oriented incentives will help align USEBA’s performance to the needs of the private sector. USAID SPEED coordinates with the USAID/Southern Africa Seed Trade Project (STP); USAID/Mozambique Improved Seeds for Better Agriculture (SEMEAR) and Agricultural Innovations (INOVA) projects; the Mozambican private sector seed association (APROSE) and other stakeholders.

USAID SPEED Project coordinates with IIAM and the coordination group STP, MASA, APROSE, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and private sector seed companies to finalize and implement a study to consider best models and make recommendations for the shift in USEBA’s status and operations. Technical assistance will include public consultations, engagement with key public and private sector stakeholders, and support through the review and approval processes. As needed and in close collaboration with IIAM, USAID SPEED Project will identify and support the implementation of recommendations resulting from the study.