Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Specific Regulations for the Conservation Law

In addition to the General Regulation, SPEED+ will provide technical assistance for (a) developing a standard and agreed upon process for the development of these regulations development and (b) the drafting of specific regulations in partnership with relevant organizations.  SPEED+ will support AMOS and ANAC to prepare two priority regulations:

  • Hunting regulations for Elephant, Lion, Hippo and Crocodile: these species require special attention because they are included in Annex 1 of the Convention for International Trade of Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES), and because Mozambique specifically has been banned from some hunting tourism markets (i.e., not allowing trophies from Mozambique to enter these countries, including the US) due to the lack of a clear regulatory framework for the management and hunting of these species. 
  • Game farm regulation: which defines procedures for wildlife management and breeding in captivity, domestic trade in wildlife for game farms, and transportation and hunting of captive populations.

SPEED+ may consider assisting ANAC with additional regulations including:

  • Professional hunter regulation: which defines the training, registration, licensing, and code of conduct required for those conducting hunting safaris in Mozambique, as well as sanctions for violations. 
  • Avifauna regulation:  Bird species are not addressed in depth in current or planned regulation, and given the increasing popularity of birdwatching as a form of nature based tourism, Mozambique must improve regulation for the protection and management of this population. 

Check back for updates on the specific regulations being developed with SPEED+ support.