Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Land Tenure

USAID SPEED is helping to improve land administration and enhance accessibility and security of formal land tenure, in order to stimulate an increase in land-based investment.  This is expected to primarily impact agriculture investment, but may also include housing or light industry which require secure access to land. Bringing more transparency and clarity into the process of acquiring secure leasehold access to land via Land Use and Benefit Rights or Direito de Uso e Aproveimento de Terra (DUAT) will lead to increased transactions of leaseholds and eventually to a more market-oriented allocation of land rights. The more efficient allocation of land rights, accompanied by increased investment, will lead to greater productivity and thus economic growth.  In Year One, SPEED+ participated in the USAID Land Tenure Assessment Mission, and engaged national and international consultants to review and make recommendations for reform of Mozambique’s land administration system.  The consultants’ findings informed the development of the USAID SPEED Land Reform Memorandum which summarizes the current challenges, proposes targeted high impact reforms, and outlines a USAID SPEED program assistance which revolves around supporting reform of the Land Law and related implementing regulations.