Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development (USAID SPEED)

SPEED is helping Mozambique create a better business environment to attract investment, expand markets, and reduce costs for businesses and citizens of Mozambique, thus contributing to broad-based and inclusive economic growth.  SPEED is a follow-on to the SPEED project that started work in 2016, and over five years will partner with the Mozambican private sector, civil society organizations (CSO) and government to make it easier to do business in agriculture, trade/business environment, power, biodiversity, health and economic governance.  SPEED is supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Please visit the SPEED Jobs Board for current vacancies, opportunities and application procedures.

25 March 2020

More Water for Everyone

After graduating with a geology degree, Zulfa Mussá, 38, decided to return to her community in Maciane, Mozambique and use her expertise to provide a service her neighbors needed – a consistent and clean water supply connected directly to their homes.

"My community was very happy, because no one here had piped water systems,” says Zulfa. 

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18 March 2020

Agricultural Market Information Systems in Mozambique

By Alejandro Solis and Anabela Mabota

Agricultural Market Information Systems (MIS) have been in use for approximately a century; in most developing countries, they were not fully promoted until the 1980s, although there were early pioneers, for example, in Indonesia, Nepal and the United Republic of Tanzania (Mawazo et al., 2014). In Mozambique, since 1991, the Sistema de Informação de Mercados Agrícolas (SIMA), has been operative and providing agriculture market information every week to public and private users.

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6 March 2020

ANAC e parceiros lançam campanha contra caça furtiva

Designada “A caça furtiva rouba de todos nós”, a campanha lançada ontem, 04.03, em Maputo visa consciencializar as comunidades sobre os malefícios da caça furtiva e promover a mudança de comportamento sobre a a conservação da biodiversidade.

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