Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)

Implementation of Authorized Economic Operators program (AEO) is a TFA Category C provision.  To date, there has been limited participation by the private sector in the AEO program.  SPEED+ provided support to Customs towards strengthening Mozambique’s AEO system. SPEED+ drafted a one-page overview about AEO, which was submitted to the AT.  SPEED+ undertook a quick high-level analysis to better understand the reasons for a low level of participation in the program.  The report, which aims to establish why so few companies have received an AEO license so far, and how this could be changed, and to develop a clear practical and feasible roadmap for increasing the number of AEOs in Mozambique, will be completed in the current year and shared with Customs.  SPEED+ will work to implement the report recommendations in order to increase the number of AEOs in Mozambique.