Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development


Mozambique Woman Planting Crops


Agriculture in Mozambique employs nearly 80 percent of the active labor force (mostly women) and contributes to a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product. Despite its competitive advantages, such as a favorable climate, seasonality, and proximity to large markets, Mozambique’s agriculture sector remains mostly subsistence-driven and has limited regional or global competitiveness.

SPEED is enhancing the competitiveness of Mozambique’s agriculture sector through policy, legal and regulatory reforms and by building institutional capacity to create an enabling environment that facilitates private investment and creates jobs in the sector.

SPEED used an agriculture policy mapping exercise to identify policy barriers to inclusive sector growth and is developing activities that will advance policy reform with institutional partners. The project provides support through sector coordination, economic analyses, coalition building, and direct technical assistance and coordination support to relevant government entities. In addition, SPEED provides grants to address key constraints to broad-based economic growth like access to finance, with an emphasis on supporting institutional partners that provide loans to women and youth.