Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)

To help expand international trade, Mozambique needs to adopt and implement internationally recognized and accepted metrology, accreditation, standardization, and quality (MAS-Q) practices. Doing so can help facilitate trade, improve market access, increase export competitiveness, and increase consumer confidence in product safety, quality, health and the environment. 

SPEED+ worked with INNOQ to support the baseline assessment of Mozambique’s regulatory framework for National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) and technical barriers to trade (TBT), and the development of a roadmap for reform.  In response to one of the initial recommendations of the baseline assessment, SPEED+ began work to customize a Mozambique version of a Handbook on Standards, Metrology and Conformity Assessment - Tools to Facilitate Trade and Market Access. SPEED+ supported ANSI to prepare their workshop entitled “Using the Mozambique National Quality Policy to Promote U.S. – Mozambique Trade and Investment”.

SPEED+ will work with INNOQ to ensure effective operationalization of TBT National Notification Authority (NNA) and National Enquiry Point (NEP). This may include: providing full time technical and administrative advisor to support NNA and NEP; equipping the NNA and the NEP with adequate office equipment, including a new PC, a new multifunction printer and an adequate internet connection. SPEED+ will also support INNOQ to develop and implement a plan to disseminate published standards, support the operationalization of TBT national enquiry point, coordinate with ANSI on the implementation of the labeling law and other activities, and support INNOQ to assist SME's to meet megaprojects standard requirement, with a focus on oil and gas. SPEED+ will also continue to coordinate with ANSI to implement its Work Plan in Mozambique.