Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Public-Private Sector Dialogue

Public-private sector dialogue is a hallmark of a democratic and inclusive economy.  The adoption and successful implementation of policy and regulations require broad support from all stakeholders. The engagement and participation of all interested parties increase the likelihood of understanding and implementation of policies and reforms.  The right to ensure public participation in the rule making process including public policy issues and process is entrenched in Mozambican legal framework. However, public participation in public policy formulation has been done on an ad-hoc basis and there is no legal framework which obliges to call for public participation in policy formulation. In 2012 the Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique  (CTA ), the Associacao de Comercio e Industia  (ACIS)  in collaboration with SPEED+, developed the Draft Law on Public Participation in the Legislative Process Mozambique.  SPEED+ worked with CTA to formally present the draft legislation to the Ministry of Justice in 2017.

SPEED+ is supporting the public private sector dialogue process in Mozambique through multiple initiatives, including:

Support on a Law on Public Consultation

Support on the CTA Annual Private Sector Conference (CASP)

Support to the Business Environment Monitoring Council (CMAN)

Support to CTA on developing a methodology for prioritizing and advancing policy reforms.