Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development


Mozambique’s strained health system faces stagnant domestic resource mobilization, insufficient infrastructure, and a critical shortage of human resources. Given Mozambique’s high burden of disease, including Malaria, HIV, and TB, the country faces new mortality risksif its COVID-19 response is not carefully monitored and managed.

Mozambique’s private sector represents an underutilized resource to supplement the public health sector, especially through health supply chains, retail pharmacies, and service delivery. Yet, despite the growing number of public and private partnerships in health, there is no government strategy to engage the private sector in the health system.

SPEED is promoting private sector participation in Mozambique’s health system by advancing the establishment of a Health Sector Public Private Dialogue (PPD) Platform to guide health sector policy reform, and by supporting the government to promote a policy environment conducive to private sector participation in the national health system. Broader private sector participation in health service delivery canimprove Mozambicans’ access to affordable health services.