Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

A Minimum Wage Framework

In Year One, SPEED+ completed the draft of an evaluation and recommendation for reforms of the framework for setting minimum wage, considering international best practice, the government’s goals for employment creation and Mozambique’s current state of economic development.

CTA has requested assistance to build on the report’s recommendations, including discussing report recommendations with various stakeholders, including trade untions and government. SPEED+ will continue to ensure CTA’s buy in and commitment to implementing recommendations resulting from further technical assistance.   Following discussions and approval by USAID, SPEED+ may engage a national consultant to continue to customize the work to the Mozambique context, including a review of the process of negotiation and the rationale for the current sector based minimum wage structure, providing practical reforms which will be politically acceptable to employers, unions and government and which take account of labor productivity and employment creation. SPEED+ may also support the dissemination of the analysis and recommendations to government, private sector (CTA), trade unions, the Labor Consultative Council (CCT), and the general public through workshops, presentations and a Business Breakfast.  


A Minimum Wage Framework for Mozambique