Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Economic Governance

Mozambique stands to receive a windfall of natural resources revenue in the coming years, which can either catapult the country’s economic and social status to a more stable platform, or can steadily lead to deepened corruption and illegitimacy, if resources are not properly managed. A 2019 IMF report included a list of 29 recommended reform measures to improve transparency and good governance in Mozambique. SPEED’s work on the implementation of public financial management (PFM) activities focuses on support for four IMF measures: the chain of expenditure, control framework, disclosure of financial risks, and transparency in procurement.

SPEED is improving Mozambique’s public financial management (PFM) through capacity building on PFM skills and improving transparency and accountability. On the government side, SPEED supports targeted public institutions to improve PFM capacity at the national level, helping to improve good governance with capacity building and direct technical assistance. Concurrently, SPEED provides grants to support civil society organizations to advocate for transparency in public financing and participate in governance decision-making. This dual approach will support government transparency and anti-corruption efforts, while strengthening civil society’s role in transparency and accountability.