Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Procurement Process Improvement

The procurement practices of MIREME must be authorized by law, easy to understand, and transparent.  SPEED+ will work with MIREME to develop procurement processes that are standardized, transparent and replicable to increase investor confidence, lower costs, and facilitate sustainable, longer-term investments.  SPEED+ will support MIREME in drafting procurement and contract models such as a standard form of power purchase agreement (PPA) and ground lease/concession agreement, which will help increase certainty to investors, reduce transaction costs to the government and developers, and increase transparency.  SPEED+ will provide technical assistance for the preparation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and procurement guidelines, model request for proposals, timeframes, evaluation criteria and other standard documentation for IPP procurement.  SPEED+ will integrate international best practices such as fair and competitive bidding, life-cycle cost analysis, and best-value determination. SPEED+ will work closely with EdM and/or MIREME, providing transactional support to implement the updated procurement process on the first 3-4 procurements to ensure counterparts are confident and can carry out future procurements quickly and efficiently.