Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development

Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development (SPEED+)

SPEED+ is helping Mozambique create a better business environment to attract investment, expand markets, and reduce costs for businesses and citizens of Mozambique, thus contributing to broad-based and inclusive economic growth.  SPEED+ started work in 2016, and over four years will partner with the Mozambican private sector and government to make it easier to do business in agriculture, trade, power and water supply, and biodiversity conservation.  SPEED+ is supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

18 July 2018

Mozambique will launch the National Trade Facilitation Committee

All importers and exporters has felt the burden of having to go through customs and to clear goods in order to be successful in business.  Yes, customs procedures are necessary, controls on goods entering and leaving the country are essential for legal and economic reasons, but the burden of using these procedures should not be too heavy, nor the cost unreasonable, nor obstacles the norm.  This is where trade facilitation comes in.  Trade facilitation improves procedures and controls on the movement of goods across borders to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

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11 July 2018

Reforma da Lei das Parcerias Público Privadas

Volvidos sete anos de vigência da Lei 15/2011, de 10 de Agosto, que estabelece as normas orientadoras do processo de contratação, implementação e monitoria de processos de Parcerias Público Privadas, Projectos de Grande Dimensão e Concessões Empresariais, constatou-se que existem matérias, que de acordo com actual conjuntura económica e dinâmicas impostas, urge o seu ajustamento. É nesse sentido, que o Ministério da Economia e Finanças iniciou o processo de revisão da referida Lei, tendo decorrido nesta semana, em Maputo, uma sessão de auscultação do Sector Privado, promovida pela CTA em parceria com o programa SPEED+ da USAID.

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10 July 2018

Countering Wildlife Trafficking in Mozambique

Mozambique takes an important step in its efforts to combat wildlife trafficking by approving a clear ‘how to’ guide to be used by prosecutors. In a joint effort between USAID’s SPEED+ program and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), new rapid reference manuals were developed for the Mozambican Attorney General’s Office that help prosecutors navigate the complexities of prosecuting wildlife crimes, which are often carried out by transnational crime syndicates in the region.

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