Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development

Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development (SPEED+)

SPEED+ is helping Mozambique create a better business environment to attract investment, expand markets, and reduce costs for businesses and citizens of Mozambique, thus contributing to broad-based and inclusive economic growth.  SPEED+ started work in 2016, and over four years will partner with the Mozambican private sector and government to make it easier to do business in agriculture, trade, power and water supply, and biodiversity conservation.  SPEED+ is supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

8 November 2018

Plano Estratégico do ICM

Para os próximos dez anos, o Instituto de Cereais de Moçambique (ICM) vai trabalhar em estreita colaboração com empresas do sector privado para incrementar o escoamento e venda dos excedentes agrícolas existentes no país. A informação foi avançada recentemente em Maputo, pelo Director-Geral da instituição, Mohamed Vala, no Seminário de Harmonização do Plano Estratégico (2019-2018).

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5 November 2018

Even a Progressive Land Law Needs Revision After a Generation of Experience

By Ian Rose

Mozambique has benefitted from a widely respected legal framework for land that has served its purposes well since enactment in 1997. However, Mozambican society and economy has matured in these past 21 years and it is therefore an appropriate time to update this legal framework in order to meet the needs of Mozambique in 2018. We can facilitate access to land by enacting streamlined and less restrictive procedures for acquiring and transferring land rights, in both urban and rural areas -- while still protecting legitimate customary, community and smallholder land rights. SPEED+ is supporting the government of Mozambique to draft appropriate modifications, or in some cases new legal instruments, to achieve these goals.

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17 October 2018

Mozambique tighten prosecution of Wildlife crimes

The Attorney General, Beatriz Buchili, and the United States Ambassador, Dean Pitmman, launched the new Manual for Investigation and Criminal Procedure on Wildlife Crimes at a formal public event at the Attorney General’s Office in Maputo.  The manual was developed, with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), through SPEED+ Project, as a training tool and reference for investigators and prosecutors on how to successfully prosecute organized crime cases involving wildlife trafficking.

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