Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Law for the Conservation of Biodiversity

A major milestone to strengthening biodiversity policies to combat wildlife poaching and trafficking was passage of the Law of Protection, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity (Law No. 5/2017).  While the law added important provisions on penalties, fines and prosecution of wildlife trafficking and poaching crimes, implementing regulations still need to be developed to fully implement the law. 

SPEED+ is assisting ANAC to develop general implementing regulations for the Conservation Law, specific regulations on game farm, avifauna and hunting regulations, as well as a standardized process for drafting new regulations, including stakeholder and public consultation, and the identification of appropriate sources of technical assistance as needed.  SPEED+ technical assistance for the development of regulations for the Conservation Law 5/2017 (see below) will offer the opportunity to create and pilot test this standardized process.