Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development


Vacancy: Administrative Assistant for Portfolio Managers. close date: August 9, 2021

The Administrative Assistant for Portfolio Managers is responsible for smooth administrative
operations of a project office. Responsibilities include communications management;
information management; translation support; meeting, travel, and schedule management;
conference and workshop coordinator; and general office support.


Vacancy: Portfolio Coordinator (PC) – Agriculture & Trade . Close date: August 9, 2021

The SPEED program is seeking qualified candidates to serve in the role of Portfolio Coordinator
(PC) for Agriculture & Trade. The Portfolio Coordinator (PPC) will support both Portfolio
Managers (PM) and activities under the Agriculture and Trade components by establishing,
administering, overseeing, and following-up on short- term technical assistance (STTA) special
assignments; supporting monitoring and evaluation (M&E); and administering portfolio
activities, events, and reporting.


Vacancy: Communication Manager. Close date: August 9, 2021

The Communication Manager will lead the communication team at SPEED, developing and
implementing the communications plan. This involves ensuring strategic visibility of all project
activities and outputs; effectively communicating project impact to project stakeholders and
beneficiaries; and assisting project partners to effectively use communication tools for advocacy.


Vacancy: Grants and Subcontracts Manager. Close date: August 9, 2021

The Grants and Subcontracts Manager is responsible for the compliant procurement, awarding,
management and implementation of USAID SPEED grants and technical activity subcontracts
with Mozambican firms, organizations, associations and companies. The Grants and Subcontracts Manager

will ensure that all awards comply with USAID procurement and grantsunder-contract regulations, as well as DAI policies and procedures, the approved project Grants Manual and any other relevant policies and procedures.


Vacancy: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager. Close date: August 9, 2021

The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager will design and lead implementation of a
comprehensive monitoring, evaluation and learning agenda that collects and analyzes
information to inform USAID and project leadership of the status and progress toward
achievement of key results as agreed in the annual work plans. The MEL Manager will support
technical staff and implementing partners (grantees, subcontractors, etc.) to effectively
participate in the MEL system. The MEL Manager will also support strategic communications
and impact assessment for the project, ensuring that data and information are used for learning
and improving project and stakeholder activities.