Supporting the Policy Enabling Environment for Development

Engaging Citizens in Water and Sanitation

PWPs primarily use ground water as their main source of supply. Considering the low level of development of sanitation in Mozambique, groundwater resources are at a very high risk of contamination. PWPs must be aware of the risk and take measures to protect their source of income—thus, PWPs are natural partners for improving sanitation in their area of service. Sanitation services could be a new source of income for PWPs and other new entrepreneurs.

SPEED+ will support a market systems analysis on opportunities for the private sector to get involved in sanitation services, building on the sanitation market assessment (see section 3.7.1) in Mozambique and international examples of innovation and good practice. SPEED+ will partner with AFORAMO to disseminate the findings of the report and promote potential opportunities for investment, paying special attention to appropriate opportunities for women and women’s participation in the dissemination workshops.