Strengthening the pillars of democratic governance in Mozambique

8 Aug, 2017 – 11:42 am

An effective Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) is crucial to designing responsive legal reform, gaining support necessary to pass those reforms and is a cornerstone of best practices in democracy and governance.  Policies and regulations in Mozambique are developed by the responsible ministries and often (though not always) circulated for comment by the initiating ministry to other ministries or public agencies that may have an interest in the matter. This process – entirely informal, but widely practiced – is known as harmonization. Public involvement has been improving, due in part to pressure from the Confederation of Business Associations (CTA), Association of Trade, Industry and Services (ACIS) and others.  But there are also many examples where the government has blind-sided the private sector or given inadequate notice and ability to provide comments on a law.

An important milestone was marked on August 3, 2017, when Mozambique made important progress on strengthening the pillars of democratic governance when the Ministry of Justice formally received from CTA the draft Law for Public Consultation, which was developed with USAID support.  Once passed, the draft Law will solidify the foundation of transparency and inclusive legal reform by legally requiring a period of public consultation for draft legislation.

The draft Law was submitted with enthusiasm from the private sector and received with enthusiasm by government representatives.  The event demonstrated a collective commitment to take the law forward for approval by the Council of Ministers and ultimately by Parliament. Isaque Chande, the Minister of Justice Constitutional and Religious Matters, expressed clear and proactive support for the proposed law.

USAID supported the draft Law, which was developed with extensive research, including a comparison of public consultation in the Mozambican legislative process with the practices in other relevant countries.  The Government will now undertake a formal review of the draft and propose any necessary revisions to the Law as well as any necessary public consultation, which will occur with continued USAID support

3º Draft da Proposta de Conteúdo Para a Lei Sobre Participação Pública (SC 270717) clean

SPEED+ Success Story Public Participation Law 2018-08-08

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