• Measuring SPEED’s Impact on Private Sector Development

    6 Nov, 2013 – 11:25 am

    The Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development (SPEED) (hereinafter, the “project”), is required to report on impact of project activities to USAID. Under USAID’s results framework, SPEED is required to report on SPEED-support activities that result in: (1) a cost savings to the private sector and (2) jobs created.
    This paper sets out four draft frameworks and logic chains for estimating the monetary benefits for the following selected business environment reforms supported by the project

    1. Reduced time to pay taxes;
    2. Reduced fees at the Nacala Dry Port;
    3. Elimination of illegal payments;
    4. Issuance of VAT receipts in the agriculture sector.

    The draft framework incorporates and builds on previous work done by SPEED (Bolnick and Roberts, 2011; Garcia, 2008) and attempts to set out the frameworks for conducting the analysis. Once a verifiable change has taken place for each of the activities with support from SPEED, data will need to be collected and inserted into the framework so the analysis can be applied.

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