Providing information about trade and transport fees

11 Jul, 2016 – 8:25 am

Trade is widely accepted as an important engine of economic growth and development. Mozambique is undertaking reforms to facilitate trade, which are expected to improve business – trade in years to come. Meanwhile, Mozambique still faces some challenges.  The country’s Trading Across Borders (TAB) indicator experienced some improvement from 2010 to 2015, but the import costs increased by approximately 8% since 2010.  Many factors are contributing to these, including perceived relatively high trade and transport fees.

Trader (importers, exporters) and transporters having been complaining on different fees charged when crossing the borders for trade in Mozambique. These fees include, transport permits (“guias”), road tolls, and others.  The lack of accurate information to traders and transporters on what fees are actually set by the law, raises an opportunity for abuse by unscrupulous enforcement agents. This practice raises in-country transaction costs, reduces competitiveness and attractiveness in doing business in Mozambique. Effective communication can be critical to trigger change in attitude and practice in cross-border trade in Mozambique; and an informed stakeholder (trader / transporter) can contribute to enforce strict enforcement of legal fees, thus contributing to improve business environment.

SPEED responded to Government’s request to address this issue by providing support to design and implement a  communication campaign: Informing on trade/transport-related fees. The project report and communication materials can be found here.

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